The right conditions for your technological development

We are there for those who have new ideas as well as for those who want to develop an existing business.

Do you have a product or solution you want to test? Or does your company want to take the next step towards increased competitiveness and sustainability? Having access to equipment, expertise and space in our premises creates the right conditions for your technological development.

The demonstration environment at the PTC is a live environment where you can come to see and test the latest technologies and methods in production engineering and talk to trained staff and experts in the field - making your journey towards a sustainable future much less risky.

We are available both for those who have new ideas and for those who want to develop an existing business and our focus areas are in welding, additive manufacturing in metal, thermal spraying, cutting automation, non-destructive testing, composite, sensors AI, IT support ongoing production and simulation and preparation.

Updated with the latest technology

PTC is constantly evolving, striving to have the best and latest technology and the environment is growing steadily.

Below we list some of the opportunities available at PTC.
Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more!

Automated production of composite products

The composite arena is equipped with an oven capable of handling large components, a grinding room, an extraction box for chemicals, a storage area with a freezer for storing fabrics and chemicals and a large climate-controlled room.

Flexible industrial automation

The automation lab includes control systems, PLCs, industrial robots, grippers, sensors and detectors, as well as software and engineering tools for simulation and development work.

Additive manufacturing

We have a variety of equipment for additive manufacturing. Primarily this is additive manufacturing in metals of various kinds, but there are also machines for the production of components in plastic materials.

Material testing

In material testing, we have equipment such as a cutting machine for samples, casting equipment, fume cupboard, microscope with camera and associated computer, hardness measurement equipment, tensile testing machine, grinding and polishing machine with automatic dosing and scanning electron microscope.

Non-destructive testing - NDT

We have equipment for CT scanning, microfocus X-ray, ultrasound, eddy current testing, IR thermography and the Gom Aramis optical strain field meter.

Thermal spraying

Our lab is well-equipped with technology and skills for a variety of thermal spray coating methods.


The welding lab has the latest welding technology for TIG, MIG, laser welding and friction stir welding.

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